Children of unknown parents.

Bukit Bintang’ a Street of Kuala Lumpur was flooding with people from all over the world on that night. Chinese New Year was coming. Men, women, solo travelers, couple with kids were walking on street, entering or coming out of restaurants and shops. Lots of Thai and Chinese massage girls and boys stood outside their shops in waiting for customers. Some of them may be a part of dark side of the city’s nightlife. It was our first visit to Malaysia and my family was resting in the hotel room after a long journey. I was just strolling around to see the much gossiped nightlife of this city. It was the first time experience for me to be in such a place. Ignoring the girls chasing me with a ‘Menu’ of their services in their hand, I was just walking on the pavement along the road.
             A girl of my daughter’s age, standing below the dim light of building’s entrance rushed to me in a hurry and asked me in her Thai tone.
 ‘Massage Sir? Very relaxing. Will enjoy it. Just 50 Ringgits.’  
             During my six days stay in Malaysia I had developed a habit to multiply every digit in to 18 to get value in my currency. Nine hundred rupees, I calculated in my mind without knowing why I am counting it in the first place. She was standing very close to me so I had a closer look of her face. She was fair enough for her trade to attract customers; in spite wore a heavy makeup on her face. Her eyes were dark black and mascara she wore was little spoiled from the lower eye lashes. Black of her eyes was shining even in the darkness of night. Her face was producing an unknown expression, very difficult to judge if coming from the tiredness of routine work or from the pain of earning the daily need even in late night. All of a sudden I remembered the warning from my local relatives of not to stop while walking or talk to unknown. I turned and resumed walking, ignoring her presence.
She came behind me asking ‘ Good massage sir, you will like it.’
I looked back. She was determined to come after me, I thought. I stopped for a while, turned and looked directly in her eyes.
 ‘No my child, I am not tired, I don’t want any massage.’ I told her.
 She remained still for a second, may be shocked. Most likely no one on this road ever had addressed her as ‘my child.’ She stared at me for some time, searching something. Then she dropped her face to the red tiles of the pavement. I stood there to see her reaction but there wasn’t any. I felt guilty that I called her ‘my child’ which she didn’t like in case. But what can I address to a girl of my daughter’s age? Unhurriedly she returned to her place and set on the table near the entrance.
I crossed the road to go other side and returned to the hotel room. Wife was sleeping and daughter was surfing the net on a Tab we had purchased that morning from the ‘Low-Yat’ mall.
‘Where had you been Papa? I have downloaded a new game.Do you wanna see?’ She said.
I reached behind her and had a look. She was happy that I purchased a Tab for her. I put my hand on her head and caressed her curls. She raised her head to look in my eyes, searchingly. I tapped her chick and smiled. She too.
I went to the washroom and washed my face with cool water from the tape, contaminated with few tears.
Next day, after a panoramic ‘Genting High-land’ tour, we were returned to the hotel by the same road.Night was just spreading its darkness on the street. That girl was standing at the same place, outside the hotel entrance. She looked at us with curiosity. Daughter was talking with me while walking. When we crossed the place where she was standing, I took my daughter’s hand in mine,looked at that girl and smiled. She also smiled and waved a hand to us.
‘Do you know her Papa?’ Daughter asked.
‘No’ I replied,‘ do we need to know each other for greeting?’
‘Absolutely not.’ She said looking at me.
That was the last night of our tour. Our flight was in the morning. I was standing at my room’s window, looking down on the road. People were wandering on the street and ‘just young’ girls and boys, with beautiful faces, children of unknown parents, chasing the ‘would be’ customers with menus in their hands, offering massage or may be some more pleasure to earn their daily needs. I was happy,for at least one of them was thinking about her parents.

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Recent India.

It is 11.40 pm In India, next day after the 65th independence day. Very important event is happening in capital Delhi and all over the country. Since some year India is facing the evil of corruption by politicians and people at high places. Some of them are 2-G scam, Common Wealth Game scam and others. Accused behind the jail were once ministers in present government. They are in jail because there was no other option remained open for their most corrupted Godfathers. People were watching it helplessly waiting for a ‘leader’ to follow. They find ‘Anna hazare’ aged 74 unmarried, saint like person. Anna is pure Gandhian and has won many victories over unjust/corruption cases by nonviolence movement He can fast for a long period to prove his point when he is true. He started anti corruption movement couple of years back. His main agenda is to place a ‘Lokpal’  a citizen’s ombudsman over all government and political person and even for judiciary to fight against corruption. Government had taken him lightly. He gave an ultimatum until today 16th Aug 2011 to accept his demand or he will start fasting to death. People of India supported him full heartedly. Realizing the danger, our democratic government arrested him early in the morning today and sent him to ‘Tihad Prison’ and put him in the cell with other criminals. People supporting him gathered in large numbers on streets and outside the prison. Almost in all cities Marches and rallies took place. For whole day he was in prison with his seven followers, some of them are IPS officers. When government realized that this will not work, agrees to release him. But Anna is Anna, he refused to get out of prison and demanded that if they want him to be released he will only go to the place, previously decided ‘J.P. Square’ and will continue his fast. Till now no decision has been taken, but he has united people of India in such a big way that government has no other option opened. Government’s argument is that placing a ‘Lokpal’ over the elected assembly will destruct the structure of democracy, and right to form any rules & regulations’ must be in domain of the parliament. It may be true but what other option people have when it clearly seems that the system is not working.


Anna is still in jail, refusing release until have a permission to fast at J.P.Square. 2.35 pm 17th Aug, India.

New:-12.30 am 18th Aug.

India’s ruling congress party’s spokesperson Rashid Alvi today in his bafflement alleged that there is hidden agenda of USA government behind Anna’s Movement. Bravo, so millions of people on roads of Delhi are encouraged to do so by US!! What a brain?

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